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Tennessees longest running professional Theatrical supply


Our History

Performance Studios was established in 1989 on Church St in downtown Nashville to bring professional grade make up to the Nashville area.  Our House Brand of Performance

Cosmetics is what got us started. 

Shortly afterwards we expanded into the world of costume sales and rentals, wigs, accessories, and more.  We expanded so much, that in 2009 we moved to Thompson Ln in the building of the old skating rink, the Rollerdrome.  It was 28,000 square feet.

Ten years later in  2019 the Thompson Ln building was sold and we needed to move.  At the Same time the owners retired and sold the business to an employee.  We moved to 24,000 sq ft space on Mount View Rd in Antioch 15 min southeast from the Thompson Ln building.  We had a great Halloween there in 2019 and were very excited for the future of our business. 

March 2020 covid-19  caused all school plays, parties, nightclub entertainment to cancel for safety from the virus.

We could not make rent in our new space and closed the doors to our store permanently. 

We have now decided to go back to our roots and focus on our house brand of makeup that got us started over 30 years ago.  We are still operating online selling makeup and wigs.  We hope to expand our website further in the future.  We also hope that when it is safe again, to have a regular booth at the Nashville flea market.  We plan to also have regular booths at Akaicon, MTAC, and other conventions in the midsouth. 

This business is proudly LGBTQIA+ owned




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