Nike Undercut Wig Dimensions

  • Cap Size: Adjustable up to 22"
  • Top Length: 6-10"
  • Undercut Length: 1"
  • Unisex

Our Nike style Classic White Undercut Wig is a short undercut wig with longer bangs, with no need for the commitment of shaving your own head or maintaining split coloring. 

The bangs of this Classic White Undercut Wig reach 10" from the crown and can be styled and cut in a variety of ways, making many looks possible. The shortest part of this undercut is 6” on the back, layering over and covering the start of the undercut portion. The undercut itself comes in at 1” and starts a few wefts away from the crown of the wig leaving several inches covered by the longer hair above it.

The Nike style wig is useful for many characters, such as Jean from Attack on Titan, Mob from Mob Psycho 100, Bow from the Netflix She-Ra reboot and even Shiro from the Netflix Voltron if you add his signature white streak.

Nike Classic White Wig

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