Made by Neva Nude, these reuseable pasties are great for modest peeps to hide those hard nips. Are you fed up of cutting ICE? Well Neva Nude has you covered! 
Designed by both unicorns and pixies, our NEW skin-loving reusable nude silicone Nipztix will keep those nip slips at bay! With super duper thin edges, these NUDE Nipztix will seamlessly cover your areola while staying invisible to the human eye! With a beautiful matte finish (stay classy,bb), these Nipztix will stay hidden underneath sheer garments and even when the paparazzi starts clicking! We have 3 skin tone shades to choose from, and did we mention they are reusable? Treat them with love and you’ll get to wear them hella times! 
  • BIOMECHANICAL GENIUS: Super duper thin edges for a seamless look and feel!
  • COMFORTABLE AF: Invisible look so no more nips slips or cutting ice! BuhBye Bra!
  • SKIN SAFE: Like all Neva Nude products, they will love your skin with our medical grade silicone. 
  • PERFECT MATCH: 3 skin tone colors to choose from for the most invisible look since Harry Potter's Cloak!
  • PAPARAZZI Ready: Gloss was sooo 2019! Nude Nipztix have a  BEAUTIFUL matte finish so they won’t reflect or show through clothing! 
  • REUSABLE: Made from REUSABLE silicone! Treat them with love and you’ll get to wear them hella times!

Reusable Modesty Pasties - Nudie Patootie color

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  • Unfortunately we can not accept returns.  Please be careful shopping.  If you need help knowing if this is the right product for your project, please contact us for advice.