Also known as concealers, these highly pigmented “cream” products are designed to “neutralize” away discolorations on the skin. In the Performance Cosmetic line they are known as neutralizers because they contain a base color that will “block out” these discolorations. Using a base color to neutralize a discoloration enables you to use less product compared to using a product designed to “cover up” the discoloration. With lesser product used you will see a more subtle yet fresh and complete finish (sometimes less is more). Pigment discolorations on the skin such as darkness under the eye, redness, and broken capillaries will vanish if the correct neutralizer is applied.

Since you are able to use “very little” product to achieve your goals, this .50oz NET WT container will last a long time. Gently apply the neutralizer on the affected areas with a brush, sponge, or with your finger (don’t forget to wash your hands), blending out the edges.  Apply foundation with a sponge around the neutralizer and then blend the two products together.  Powder your face with a setting powder using a powder puff and you will see a smooth, even toned skin palette.

If you are in doubt about what neutralizer may be suited for you call 1-800-366-6701 and speak to one of our  makeup artists on staff or visit a distributor near you so you may sample the various neutralizers in order to get that “makeup artist look” every day.

Special Yellow Hilite - 0.50 oz (NEW LARGE SIZE)

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